Postcard #27: Love Thy Neighbor

The ground floor of our apartment building houses both a vegetable shop and KS Store, a convenience store (also known as the Happy Deal Store.) It’s taken a month for the local business owners to finally be friendly with us, before, they (understandably) treated us with what I am interpreting as mild distrust to indifference. The owner of KS Store is a guy with great hair  and even greater mustache who needs constant reminding to bring up the 5 gallon jug of purified water to our apartment. The vegetable store is run by a rotating series of family members, I’m assuming, since the women are all splitting images of each other. The owners are a Tamil couple, a man with wide, slightly protruding eyes and a prominent belly and his wife, always clothed in an impeccable sari, with a delightfully luscious neck roll.

Today, the friend of the woman who runs the vegetable store stopped us to say hi. She was chatting with a wizened little woman in a sari called Mary. Mary, making conversation, mistakenly identified Pierre and me as brother and sister which is further proof that white people all look alike. Initially, Pierre thought that she was trying to tell us that her and Grija, the woman who owns the vegetable store were sisters. I then realized that she was trying to sus out our relationship. To avoid the awkwardness and societal shame of admitting that we are two godless perverts living in sin, we told them we were married. I don’t know if the idea went across well but it was finally nice to get to know, at least on a first name basis, some of our neighbors. Clearly, we are all harboring some curiosity about each other.  It also marks the first step towards coercing the people who we interact with daily into liking us. I mean, KS store guy is finally smiling back at me, so that’s something.

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