Postcard #28: Cake cutting ceremonies

Today I received an exclusive invitation via Whatsapp to the one year anniversary of the yoga studio where I practice. Who knew that the day would end with me sitting on a sofa while a local B-list Indian actress wearing a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit forced me to eat rice while one of her companions made me pronounce the dish’s name in Kannada while spilling barbecue potato chips all over the carpet (it’s bisi bele bath, literally, hot lentil rice)?

The invitation specified a special celebration at 4pm. Logically, I arrived to yoga class fashionably late, and was forced to take a spot at the front of the room, perpendicular to the teacher. Meanwhile, because Madame Galrani, film actress and owner of the “most luxurious yoga studio in Koramangala” (according to her Twitter bio) was participating, there were 2 guys with video cameras and photographer crouched in the front of the room. I am not 100% sure that my leggings weren’t transparent or that I was wearing appropriate underpants but I know I will be able to verify in the photos later.

Between classes, everyone was forced downstairs to witness the cake cutting ceremony while the actress ordered everyone around (“come, come.”) She wanted us to all be in the group photo in front of the gold upholstered wall. Us, the obedient students, did not get up during class to take breaks so we were hesitant and disheveled after the intense physical activity. Anyway, our yoga teacher got fed up with waiting and herded us back upstairs to the studio (I didn’t want to eat cake before class anyway.) (This statement may or may not be a lie, since it was chocolate cake on offer.)

After class, I went back down to the lobby and was immediately handed a piece of cake and watched wide-eyed as someone poured the rest of a packet of barbecue flavored potato chips over the slice. The actress interfered, admonishing the help for not serving me rice first while I tried to politely decline (“come on, come on, it’s not spicy.”) I was then commanded to sit on the sofa and finish two plates of food after spending an hour and a half of intense physical activity. As the actress throughly ignored me, I struggled to eat the food while piteously wincing at the receptionists. It was cool experience though, since I have never met anyone with that many Twitter followers or such an inflated sense of privilege.

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