Postcard #30: Squashed girl problems

The trouble with Bangalore is this incessant traffic. There were many times, in many places where I have nearly been squashed by cars. Some of these memorable moments include: Suresnes, while looking at the big white dog with one eye, in London, crossing any street, (damned left side drivers), and the crosswalk by the train station where a scooter teen tried to murder me so I pushed him as he whizzed by. The other day, I nearly walked into a running scooter, driving down the wrong side of the street while SOME WOMAN had the AUDACITY to tell me to watch out as if I was the one going to the wrong way!

I come from the West, where the pedestrian is king. In France, I can afford to be reckless, if a car hits a pedestrian, the pedestrian is always right. Pierre says that’s no way to live your life, crossing in traffic, willy-nilly. Even though I use extreme caution to the point of waiting 5 minutes for a break in traffic, someone is gonna come careening out of nowhere and it will be all my fault. You can’t pretend you’re in Paris when you’re really in India.

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