Postcard #29: A special message from the Guru

More exclusive news from the Guru: Akshar yoga students should be drinking alkaline water for the wellbeing of our organism. It’s just one way people can combat the environmental chaos of of the modern, industrialized world. Mineral water (purified drinking water), is too acidic. Thus, you can create your own alkaline drinking water in several ways, one way is to drink out of a copper water bottle. The second method to alkalize tap water is to buy a clay jug (5 liters, handmade), fill it with water, add some tulsi (holy basil) leaves and let it stand overnight. In the morning, sunlight should reach the water’s surface, penetrate the water, and by 8am, it should be ready to drink. I can’t BELIEVE Pierre says yoga is a sect. I must arrange to get my jug.

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